Kitsap Public Health District


Outreach and Recruitment

Volunteers are the name of the game.

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Be Visible to the Community

Get the word out. The gleaning program will grow faster when the community understands that the program is a resource

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Donor Relations in Kitsap County

Kitsap County is a sprawling community seated in the shadow of Seattle. Because of this it can be difficult to retain a unique identity and to find local resources.

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Produce Recovery

Farmer's Market Recovery

Farmer’s markets are an ideal place from which to glean and if you visit often you’ll soon become a familiar face to the vendors and the Market Manager.

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Fruit Tree Harvest

See how Kitsap Harvest harvests fruit trees

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Food Bank and Community Gardens

Kitsap County is lucky to have three food banks which sustain gardens: Bremerton Foodline, North Kitsap Fishline, and South Kitsap Helpline.

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See how Kitsap Harvest brought education to their community and how it helped them gain new community partners.

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Kitsap Public Health District in conjunction with Rotary First Harvest is hosting an AmeriCorps VISTA to coordinate the food recovery efforts throughout Kitsap County. The mission is to create a sustainable, community-based system of broadening food security and alleviating food waste. The objective is achieved by recovering produce from Farmers Markets, gardens, orchards, and farms while increasing the amount of fresh and local produce delivered to food access programs serving low-income residents. Gleaning in Kitsap County is done through many partnerships, collaborations, and networks.   


In April 2016, KPHD received the first AmeriCorps VISTA who began evaluating systems before launching the program. In November 2017, KPHD received the second AmeriCorps VISTA who continued the groundwork from the previous year.   During the 2017-2018-year, Kitsap Harvest was able to move closer to their mission in developing a sustainable, community-based system through multiple partnerships which will be elaborated on further in this document.  


In 2018, it became apparent that a network of people and organizations could work together and create a successful and sustainable program. The third-year VISTA will be working with these organizations as a focus for the third year 2018-2019, to develop a sustainability plan on where the program will be housed.