Gardening Workshops for Backyard Growers


Working in collaboration with WSU Extension, and several likeminded community members, Second Harvest has incorporated a series of gardening workshops through its Plant a Row program. The goal is to help community members become more efficient gardeners to produce more for the community. The workshops have an all-encompassing focus on year-round gardening.

Workshop Topics

  • Growing Your Own Vegetables: comprehensive overview of gardening with a focus on planting from seed.
  • Building an Alternative Greenhouse: homemade greenhouse alternatives that save you money.
  • Fruit Tree Maintenance: focuses on proper pruning and spraying techniques for fruit tree owners.
  • Composting: the ins and outs of composting 101.
  • Vermiculture: a highly efficient alternative to standard composting that uses worms.
  • Food Preservation: focuses on the how-to methods of water bath canning, pressure cooking, fermenting, dehydration, and freezing.


The Plant a Row workshops help: 

  • Enhancing the horticultural knowledge of those involved.
  • Fostering community engagement.
  • Getting community members excited to participate.
  • Spreading the word about the program.
  • Showing gratitude for all the hard work being put forth by those involved.