Clark County Food Bank


Volunteer Outreach

New recruitment and high retention

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Events, print news and digital media

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Donor Relations

Best serving farmers as their guest

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*VIDEO* CCFB's mission and wide reach across WA and OR

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Produce Recovery

Donation Station

How to kick-start a successful donation station for 300+ vendors.

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Food Bank Farming at Heritage Farm

Hundreds of volunteers harvest 35,000 - 50,000 lbs of food every year.

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Farm to Food Pantry Purchasing Program

The Farm to Food Pantry Program has enabled the Clark County Food Bank to create different kinds of connections with growers, as well as helping to to increase the variety of produce they provide.

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Nutrition Education Through Field Trips

Nutrition Education gives kids a fun way to learn how food travels from farm to plate to feed hungry people.

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Culls in Clark County

Warehouse staff help manage large produce donations from local farms with food bank owned trucks.

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Gleaning - All Hands In!

Digging in the dirt and "keeping it local."

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Clark County Food Bank distributes 6 million pounds of food and 5 million meals a year in partnership with 34 emergency food pantries and feeding programs in Clark County, Washington. CCFB's core mission is “to alleviate hunger and its root causes.” Achieving this mission is done in two ways: first, by providing emergency food relief to individuals and families, and second, by implementing a preventative stance against the various causes of hunger.