Okanogan County Community Action Council


Outreach, Recruitment, Retention & Appreciation

Okanogogan County helped build volunteer relations through a community garden and providing individualized attention to volunteers, who ranged in age from kindergarteners to senior citizens.

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Bringing Public Awareness to Food for All

In a small community, such as Okanogan and the surrounding areas, visibility ranges from word-of-mouth, radio ads, newspaper coverage and general marketing approaches such as flyers and merchandising. A repeat visibility tactic is OCCAC’s annual “Food For All” T-shirt.

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Communications, Appreciation & Liability

Unique methods for reaching out to donors that have been successful in Okanogan County.

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History of Okanogan County Community Action Council (OCCAC)

​Set within the rural north-central WA State, Okanogan County Community Action Council's "Food For All" gleaning program is based on three tiers: nutrition, education and gardening/gleaning.

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Produce Recovery

Demonstration Garden at Okanogan Food Bank

Thorough procedures for constructing and operating home or school garden including low-cost garden education options and recommendations on scale, location and harvest schedule incorporation...

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School Garden Construction

Learn about the East Omak School Garden in Okanogan County.

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The OCCAC Food Bank serves as a distribution point for all of the food banks all over Okanogan county. We work to glean from local growers, and offer training for raised bed gardening and food preservation techniquest in order to provide a holistic approach to the issue of Food Security.