Skagit County Community Action Agency


Volunteer Relations

How to train, coordinate and appreciate volunteers. Lastly, should volunteers be able to take food home?

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SCCAA started from scratch in building and developing the image of its produce recovery project. Read more to learn how they did so.

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Donor Outreach

Trust is the most important yet difficult task. Many growers are hesitant to work with organizations they are not familiar. The best approach is through established agricultural organizations.

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Skagit County Community Action Agency SCCAA, is the Community Action Program for Skagit County under the Community Action Agencies (CAA)

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Produce Recovery

Market Gleaning in Skagit Valley

How to develop a program and manage logistics related to after hour donations, food bank partnership, transportation materials and a method for exchanging materials

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Victory Gardens

Outreach methods for community gardeners: how to build incentives, attend events, market at garden stores and track donations

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Mother Nature did it first, which experts recognized while developing permaculture as an agricultural system. Click here to learn more!

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Gleaning Recipient Relations

Getting nearby food bank and hunger relief agencies is critical for the success of any gleaning program. See what SCCAA did to collaborate in their community.

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Economical Harvesting: Tools and Methods

You can find economical harvesting tools anywhere with a little creativity and resourcefulness!

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Smart Steps to Farmer Relations

Talk straight, build trust, follow through with your word, do what works for the farm as done successfully in Skagit Valley

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Harvesting Produce

Always check with the farmer or gardener to determine if crops are to be picked selectively or harvested completely. Also, ask if there’s a preferred harvesting technique. Learn about how to harvest certain crops here.

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Harvest Tools

There are a variety of tools that are helpful when gleaning. Learn. how to create your own and what tools you might want to purchase

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Harvest Against Hunger continued its partnership with Community Action of Skagit County Agency for a third year in 2013. Gleaning and donations tripled with an increase in grower and volunteer participation. The program expanded into farm donations, continued fruit tree harvests, alliances with food bank and community gardens, fostered donations from home gardeners and farmers markets.