Elk Run Farm


Volunteer Relations

Volunteering, including outreach, recruitment, engagement, retention and appreciation of volunteers at Elk Run Farm.

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Marketing & Visibility

Marketing is a key component to the farm's success.

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Donor Relations

This section will focus on the process of acquiring funds and in-kind donations for the project rather than produce donations.

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History of South King County Food Coalition

A background of South King County Food Coalition's involvement with Elk Run Farm.

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Produce Recovery

Plant a Row/Starts

Takeaways from a season of planting on a food bank farm.

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Food Bank Farms and Gardens

Elk Run Farms unique approach as a food bank farms.

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Educational Opportunities and Classes

Elk Run Farm offers several educational opportunities for the greater South King County community.

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Elk Run Farm is a partnership between the 12 food banks of the South King County Food CoalitionSeattle-King County Public HealthWSU ExtensionHighline College and Auburn Mt. View High School that addresses inequitable access to healthy foods for low-income families while promoting sustainable urban agriculture and new markets for local produce.  Produce grown at Elk Run Farm, a former golf course, is distributed through South King County food banks to those in the community who can least afford it and live in areas where access to healthy food is limited.

Besides growing good food, Elk Run Farm strives to include the populations it services in positive health outcomes through education and outreach. Partnering with local schools in Maple Valley, Kent, Auburn, and other communities, Elk Run Farm will directly address barriers to education, health, and success in the local youth community through onsite programming. By developing a farm that brings underutilized land into production and engaging at-risk youth in agriculture, Elk Run Farm will increase access to healthy food among limited-income populations.