What is partnering?

  • Initiate conversation (starts at meetings, in-person interactions)
  • Collaboration (combining thoughts, resources, best practices, techniques, capacity)
  • Key factors (not re-inventing the wheel, findings resources, identifying leaders)

How is partnering accomplished?

  • Listserve, website, conference
  • Help others groups get started (referrals)
  • Partnering in events (with outreach to FFA/4-H, for example) 

Future Actions: 

PNW Gleaning Conference participants were interested in forming a coalition/association to break up tasks, find leaders, identify funding (USDA Community Food Projects, etc.) and build movement. Potential topics of interest could include food safety, harvesting, outreach/marketing and volunteer recruitment. Other helpful tools identified could be a website, conference list, gleaning directory, how-to guides and map of regional produce recovery efforts.