Volunteer Management

The conversation focused on efforts to connect and develop personal relationships with volunteers.  The group highlighted making volunteers feel needed and appreciated by giving them a name tag or a title.  There were also discussions about even giving priority for harvests and/or food to the most reliable volunteers.  The group also took on the perspective of the volunteers and tried to analyze what they were getting out of the experience. 


The group decided that giving the best or most dependable volunteers distinct roles will help them organize and perhaps even transfer some of their work load.  They wanted to emphasize accountability and reward those that keep to their commitment.  Taking on the perspective of the volunteers helped participants understand that they need to tailor their volunteer sessions to emphasize fun and meeting new people.

Future Actions: 

Participants brought up locking down volunteers and groups into specific commitments that can be scheduled for a bi-weekly or monthly basis.  This will help foster volunteers’ continuity and connection with their work and help organizers plan events.